International Cricket Council confirmed that India will host 2021 T20 World Cup as scheduled. And Australia will conduct this year’s postponed edition in 2022.

Yesterday ICC held a significant session which included the future T20 World Cups and Women’s 50 over world cup. According to the global body this year’s world cup will be postponed till 2022 due to Covid-19 pandemic which was scheduled to be hosted by Australia. The break isn’t settled yet, where as India retain the hosting rights of 2021 T20 World Cup as planned. 

T20 World Cup

One of ICC Board Member cleared that, “BCCI were never keen to host the 2020 edition which would have meant that they had to host back to back ICC events including the 50 over world cup in 2023, which wasn’t a viable option”.

However the trouble amongst players are still flowing. Some officials feel that various countries facing multiple situations regarding coronavirus, the backbone of cash load are not set yet which gives a tough fight to organize any tournaments. 
Chief Executive of ICC Manu Shawhney said, “We now have absolute clarity on the future of ICC events enabling all of our members to focus on the rescheduling of lost internationals and domestic Cricket. We will now proceed as planned with the Men’s T20 World cup 2021 in India and 2020 edition in Australia”.

Talking about the women’s world cup he says, “There has been no women’s international cricket played since the conclusion of the ICC women’s T20 World cup earlier this year and due to the varying impact of Covid-19 globally that is likely to remain the situation for a number of teams. Moving the event by 12 months gives all competing teams the chance to play a sufficient level of Cricket ahead any tournament, it will maintain the integrity of that event”.

The ICC women’s Cricket World Cup is rescheduled for 2022. Final dates and Venues are not yet confirmed. For now the uncertainty of this game will continue until any decisions are being finalized. 

Nearby ICC events : 2021 T20 World Cup in India, 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia, 2023 50 Over World Cup in India. 

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