Martín Cháves is now a familiar name in the Indian football scenario. The star footballer who hails from Uruguay. A football crazy nation which has won two Fifa World Cups one was the inaugural in 1930 and the latter was in 1950.

We recently got in touch with Martín Cháves and our own Indian Football specialist writer Yash Pratap Singh asked him if we could interview him. Surprise! and he agreed with a humble gesture telling us that “Yes it would be good”. We are sure you are eager to know about Martín Cháves. Without any further delay let’s move on to the Interview Section where we have 12 questions for him.

What were your thoughts when an offer came from North East United FC?

Martín: A lot of things went through my mind because it was something that came to me suddenly and something I didn’t imagine, but I saw it as an opportunity to get experience in another country like India.

What made you choose North East United FC?

Martín: I decided to go to NEUFC because I saw it as an opportunity to get out of my country to gain experience. Also my talks with Prashant Argawal and Federico Gallego helped me a lot in deciding to go there.

How did you feel after signing for the Highlanders?

Martín: Happiness and a lot of confidence because I knew I had made a decision that I was very sure of.

Martín Cháves

How much did you know about Indian Football and the ISL before arriving in India?

Martín: Very little, it’s a league that here in Uruguay is not known very much. I knew that Uruguayan players had played there and had done well. After NEUFC became interested in me I started to investigate further.

How was your experience in India? How was the hospitality over here?

Martín: Life there is very different from life in Uruguay, but I sincerely loved being there, they made me feel comfortable from the first day I arrived. The league is spectacular, the fans, the stadiums, the games, it’s a very entertaining league to play in, I really liked being there. I think that in a few years the ISL will be a powerful league in Asia.

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