When we speak of Roger Federer, perfection is the only reigning word.Well,he turned 39 on 8th August.

As we wish him our best wishes let’s delve more about Roger Federer , the unrivalled tennis player. Since his debut in 1998, he has indeed an exemplary player till date.With his elegant style and seamless serve he prospered with the magic of a single hand on the tennis ground. The most important thing is each and every serve is replete with grace.

Nevertheless, he is an artist who swerves the racket sophistically and each and every moment is spectacular. Even the ball humbly strikes on the racket for him. He overcame many hurdles with surgeries in the right knee. But he never failed to amaze us. 2020 is indeed a setback for every players. But we expect him to return on the ground in 2020.

Roger Federer is the only player who has played the maximum number of Grand Slam finals appearing in 31 and taking the trophies for 20. He initially indulged in badminton and basketball before solely concentrating on tennis. Federer used to be quite hot headed on the tennis ground but he went a drastic change after the death of his former coach Peter Carter.

He fortified his position among top 10 ATP rankings straight from October 2002 to November 2016. He clenched the ATP World No 1 ranking for 310 weeks of his career. Roger Federer is the first male player to seize the Grand Slam without dropping a single set against Fernando Gonzalez in 2007.

Roger Federer

He is matchless even in his poor form with knee injuries. He has won the maximum number of Laureus World Sportsman of year. Indeed a glorious man who only strives for perfection. Maestro, we salute you.

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