The 24 year old defender Wayne Vaz represents the Indian Super League outfit Northeast United FC. He was one of the stand out players for Northeast United FC last season, but was a bit underrated. Even though naturally he is a centre back, he spent most of his time in northeast playing as the right back. Luckily we got the opportunity to know him better and here is the conversation that took place .

Q. Take us through your best childhood moment.
Wayne : I think one of my best childhood moments was going to train in England and watching Liverpool play in the premier league.

Q. What was the reason you choose football over other sports and When did you decide to play professional football?
Wayne : As a child growing up , I went to a school that had one of the best sports programmes in the state. I was introduced to both football and hockey at a young age and kept playing till I graduated from college.

I started drifting towards football during the 8th grade. I was scouted by espn star sports to go train in the UK during that time and that’s where I told myself I wanted to become a professional footballer.

Wayne Vaz

Q. Other than football which other sports do you like?
Wayne : Other than football I like playing and watching a lot of sports. But currently I’m hooked onto lawn tennis.


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