Atalanta B.C., is on a roller-coaster ride as they have written a fairytale under their manager, Gian Piero Gasperini by finishing third in Serie A, this season.

With their Slovenian “fairytale writer”, Josip Iličić they are having a great season. But, as the Slovenian forward is out of play because of personal issues and is on the verge of retirement due to depression, it will be difficult to say, that whether Gasperini’s side would be able to continue their fairytale or not.

Atalanta Striker Josep Ilicic

Atalanta will be facing Ligue 1 Champions, Paris Saint-Germain in their UEFA Champions League Quarter Final tie and without their star player, only time will be able to say that whether Atalanta will be heading one-step forward towards their first ever UCL trophy or it will be an easy, clear win for the Ligue 1 Giants.

Amongst the contenders left in the UCL campaign only Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona have won the title and the rest have Zero UCL titles to their name as Juventus and Real Madrid crashed out of UCL after their loss to Lyon and City.

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