Baljit Singh Rihal : The Man Behind Inventive Sports


Football today is the world’s biggest sport in terms of money and fan following. Behind every successful footballer in the modern game you can be sure that his agent is calling the shots and he’s the one who carries out the work behind the scenes at all levels of the game.

We recently reached out to Mr. Baljit Singh Rihal, Founder and CEO Inventive Sports, a sport company. He’s regarded as one of the Best in India due to hard work he puts for his clients. In an Exclusive chat with SportsKindle Media, he gave us overview about his job.

Q. When did you plan to start Inventive Sports?

Mr. Rihal : Inventive Sports started in 2010. We began as a grassroots initiative working with Chelsea FC and local clubs to attract young Asian players into football. We then developed the Asian Football Awards in 2012 with an aim to showcase Asians in the football industry.

Along our journey we also began the Asian Cricket Awards. As our sports network grew we moulded into an international sports consultancy, advising companies across the globe about conducting business in Indian sports. We have also forged a strong reputation as a major representation agency in India for both international and Indian football players and coaches.

Q. Please share your feelings about ISL and how is it changing the face of Indian Football globally?

Mr. Rihal : The ISL has elevated Indian Football outside of India due to the excellent media coverage and due to the appetite of audiences globally wanting to experience new football markets. The professionalism of the league has attracted sponsors and in turn has meant the whole ecosystem of football in India is evolving positively.

Baljit Singh Rihal
Baljit Singh Rihal with Steve Coppell

Q. Take us through the process of signing of players and coaches.

Mr. Rihal : It’s really a case of knowing the clubs requirements. So we communicate with clubs and ask what they are looking for. We then put forward suitable candidates using our global partner network. When the club shows interest, we then discuss and negotiate contract. If all boxes are ticked at that point, we have a signing.


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