Cricket Special : Memorable Indian Coaches of the last two decades


Commemorating the exceptional coaches of Indian National Cricket Team.

On the event of teacher’s day we celebrate the contributions and labours of our mentors , teachers ; our way to pay respect to them and their efforts.The Indian Cricket team has seen number
of remarkable coaches who have paved a path of glory for the team through their consistent guidance. We approbate their tedious toil and thus articulate this disquisition on four head coaches of the Indian National Cricket team who have won accolades for their presiding term.

Ravishankar Shastri

The current head coach of the Indian National Cricket team had a remarkable career of his own. The all rounder batsman and former
commentator joined office back in 2017 .

As a coach and mentor to the team he has guided it towards glory and triumph, probably the main reason why he had the privilege of
coaching India three times in a row.

As Kohli once spoke in an interview about Shastri “I started being more fearless, not in situations which sort of seemed easy, like in white ball cricket, you invariably knew what the situation was. You prepared yourself, you get motivated very easily. But Test cricket, when it gets tough, to maintain your composure is the most difficult thing for a cricketer. That is something I really needed to correct” referring to the valuable advices he had been given by Ravi Shastri after the 2014 England tour, supposedly the leanest patch of his career.

Anil Kumble

The man hilariously nicknamed as “Jumbo” himself has a reputation of taking 619 wickets in his exceptional career ,has played tests and ODIs for 18 years and has successfully coachef
the team from 2016 to 2017.

Kumble’s first series as a coach was against the West Indies in July where India played four test matches, where India emerged victorious

After a defeat in ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017 against Pakistan, he stepped down as the head coach of the Indian
Cricket Team on 20 June 2017 after a duration of less than 1 year.

Despite the short spanning career as a coach there were considerable wins that added to India’s reputation and his
experience as a veteran cricketer helped him with it .

Gary Kirsten

Kirsten was the head coach from 2008 to 2011.The South African Cricketer had a successful career of his own ,over the
years he had gained a reputation as a sturdy batsman in both Test cricket and One Day cricket

Under his tenure India won the 2011 cricket world cup defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and 10 balls to spare.

Kirsten has been praised on numerous occasions for enhancing the team’s playing techniques and a has been known to be a great motivator. In 2010, before India’s tour of South Africa, the erstwhile
captain M.S Dhoni described him as “The best thing to happen to Indian cricket”.

John Wright

Indian Coaches

The acclaimed international cricketer had coached the team from the year 2000 to 2005. Wright an outstanding batsman in his
own right, enjoyed a fruitful coaching career with India.

It was in his reign that the team improved immensely, winning home test series against Australia or be it winning a test series against Pakistan and making it to the 2003 Cricket World Cup Finals.

My first overseas coach and favourite coach so far. We had a great WC and he was responsible because there was some strong headed players in that side. As we grew together, we got better friend and he was more of a friend than a coach. He understood the team,” That is what the current BCCI president and former cricketer Sourav Ganguly had to say about him .


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