Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid out of Real Madrid and Barcelona’s grasp?


Atletico Madrid are ruling over La Liga at the moment as they are comfortably seated at the top of the table with a difference of 5 points but most importantly have 2 games in hand.

This vital dominance in their standings are the reasons leading to serious questions being asked wether this is the season they will finally lift the prestigious la liga trophy after 7 long years.

We are already aware of Diego Simeone and his tactical genesis and it is no secret that he posseses a very defensive style of play designed to not focus on possesional play but rather play defensively and creat chances through counter attacks. This year also, the story has rather been very similar. But what has turned out to be the X factor for the Los Rojiblancos is their formational versatility. After years of playing with the famous 4-4-2 formation, Simeone this season decided to chance things a bit and has often played with a 3-5-2 formation, which has helped a team a lot not only defensively but attackingly as well. This formation also helps a bit more versatility in the midfield which happens to be perfect for Simeone’s style of play.

Tactics are an important factor in any teams success, but the main responsibility always lands on the players’ shoulders, as they are the one who execute the tactics on the pitch and improvise to yield the desired results. This has been very much the case with Atletico Madrid as well. The players have given their pretty best all throughout the season and seem to be pretty hyped about the situation they are in.

Even though all players in a particular team play a huge role in a team’s long term success, some players often standout as the better over others. Here are some players who have proved to be such a standout.

Jan Oblak

Atletico Madrid Goalkeeper Jan Oblak

“He definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the world”, such were the words of the great Lionel Messi, when asked about the Sloverian. Jan Oblak is no doubt one of the best goalkeepers in the world for the last few years and is a main cause of Atletico Madrid’s defensive superiority. This season as well, Oblak has played a very vital role in their rejuvenation. Jan has conced only 12 goals this season and saved and incredible 52 shots.


Anticipated to carry Ronaldo’s legacy forward, and rightly so. João Felix is surely the future star of Portugal and Atletico Madrid. He is no doubt one of the best young talents in the World right now. He is not only a goal scorer, but a great playmaker often helping the team with assists. This season although he has scored only 6 goals and has assisted 4, his contribution in the team cannot only be judged by his goals as there a lot of other aspects.

Keiran Trippier

Definetely one of the most underrated players in Spain at the moment, the English defender is definitely at the peak of his forms and has been a crucial figure in their defense with his clearences, interceptions, tackles and blocks. He also steps up for the team on big games and plays a pivotal role in dictating the defense.

Luis Suarez

Widely being regarded as the biggest bargain in the previous 10 years, Luis Suarez is a beast who is doing everything he can to prove his previous club wrong who disrespectfully got rid of him. Since joining Atletico Madrid, Luis has a total of 16 goals in 17 appearances for the club and has been in incredible form. He is presently the top goal scorer in La Liga and proved to be their star player. Luis Suarez seems to be completely fitting in Diego tactical plans and has often showed pure class playing for El Cholo.

Although there are 18 more games for Atletico Madrid to play this season, they are showing no signs of slowing down. We hope that they continue to go down the same path and fight for the title in every possible way.

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