European Super League – The Failed One


The biggest announcement of this year was a new league called European Super League but why did it fail?

The idea is said to be brainstormed by Real Madrid’s President Florentino Pérez who was also the first appointed chairman of this league. The reason behind this league was simple as per the founding members. They were getting less revenue from UEFA even if you win the Champions League the prize money is so less in comparison to their newly pitched idea of European Super League.

The European Super League was formed by 12 founding members six clubs were from England and three each from Spain and Italy. The clubs were –

  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Tottenham
  • Real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Juventus
  • AC Milan
  • Inter Milan
European Super League couldn't establish itself

These were the founding 12 clubs but there was supposed to be another 3 clubs but they didn’t sign the offer and those clubs are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund Paris Saint Germain. The proposal was those 15 clubs will be permanent members and won’t relegate ever but there will be another addition of five other teams who will qualify for the European Super League each season.

The league would feature twenty teams split into two groups of 10 teams who play each other in a double round robin fixtures and the top 8 will go further into quarter-finals and eventually the finals after the knockout stages. The proposed league would have featured 197 matches per season and the monetary benefits would have been for the founding clubs they will receive €3.5 billion to support infrastructure investment plans. Other than them the rest would receive a huge chunk of the revenues from broadcasters and league sponsors.

The Failure of this League is good for football and why?

It is pretty simple the big clubs eventually with such cash injections would become richer but what about the small teams? The teams who struggle for so many years just to play in the top division league of their respective nation. This new European Super League would be the opposite for football in terms of development and equality.

We would never see another heroic like Leicester City has done in English football winning the Premier League out of the odds. Teams like West Ham won’t get to live the dream of playing Champions League football and many such stories would never happen ever again. In Super League you get the money for featuring in it so even if you win or lose it doesn’t matter and thus the game spirit of football would die in the long run.

Why did these Super Clubs form such a league?

The main complaint of the Super Clubs are that UEFA doesn’t provide enough reward to the top clubs which bring viewership and thus the sponsorships too. It was said by UEFA that they are working in a way so that the Top Elite Clubs of European Football would get to play Champions League football every season thus in the process the teams would have to be increased and UEFA plans to implement that by 2024.

The failure of the European Super League is beneficial for the world football because it enables small teams to dream about making history and break records and there is a saying “You have to earn it”. The world saw a remarkable unity between the fans of all the clubs and the fans of the super clubs protesting against their owners for taking such a horrific decision to join the fancy European Super League. It clearly sets the division between The Rich and The Poor and we cannot let it happen. On the pitch everyone is same and you have to fight for it regardless of your stature and bank balance.

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