Ferran Corominas : The Goal Machine in Indian Super League


Scoring Goals is his cup of tea and he is famously known as ‘Scorominas’ because he is the Highest Goal scorer in the history of the Indian Super League, Ferran Corominas is our next guest on “Stars Talk”.

He has played against the best footballers in the world which includes Messi, Xavi, Cristiano, Zidane and the list goes on. Ferran Corominas has taken home 2 golden boots due to his heroics up front in the ISL and closely missed out on a 3rd. And here’s what he had to say about his footballing career.

Q. Who has been your inspiration?

Coro : My family has been my inspiration till date.

Q. When did you decide to play professional football?

Coro : I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old because I liked it. When I did 17 I already started professionally.

Ferran Corominas

Q. Is Indian Football making a global mark and has ISL change fortunes of India as a footballing nation? What is your opinion on it?

Coro : Indian football has been improving in recent years largely due to the teachings of foreign coaches and players, but I think it still has to improve a lot and has great potential to compete internationally.

Q. You have played in La Liga which is one of
the top 5 leagues of the world. How did you feel when you played your first match in La Liga.

Coro : I have been able to play for 10 years in the first division in Spain. Being able to play against players like Zidane, Raul, Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Messi, Cristiano is incredible!


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