In talk with the sensational Prabsukhan Gill


The Ludhiana boy who started his career from Chandigarh Football Academy and eventually got scouted by the AIFF Elite Academy for his sheer hard-working nature and a strong will to devote himself in every match to the fullest. It was just the start of a fairytale which took off with the perfect thrust and is still continuing it’s flight effortlessly. Yes, that flight’s name is none other than Prabhsukhan Singh Gill.

Our Indian football specialist writer, Yash Pratap Singh approaching for an interview was the beginning of baking the perfect cake and Gill’s agreeing to it was just the cherry on top. Here’s how Prabhsukhan Gill managed to keep a clean sheet against the questionnaire exclusively prepared by Team SportsKindle.

Q) Who or what has been your inspiration?

Ans: My brother is my inspiration and someone I always look up to. He has been my guide, on and off the field. I owe it to him for showing me the way and I am here today because of him.

Q) What are the challenges as a goalkeeper?

Ans: Mental strength is of utmost importance for a Goalkeeper because there is no room for mistakes. If an outfield player makes a mistake, he will be covered by a fellow teammate, but a Goalkeeper is the last line of defence. Even if you do make a mistake, you need to forget it quickly and be ready again.

Q) Can you sum up your time at the AIFF Elite Academy?

Ans: My time at the AIFF Academy was helpful in building my basic knowledge of Goalkeeping. I improved a lot as a player, not just on the field, but off the field too. The academy helped me understand the importance of maintaining a proper diet and a good sleep for adequate rest. I also gained a lot of exposure by meeting new people and going new places. Overall, my time at the academy helped me grow as a player and a person. I’m sure these are important values that will help me progress in my new venture.

Q) What was the feeling when you made it to the squad that represented India in it’s maiden World Cup appearance?

Ans: Words aren’t enough to express my feelings. I was extremely happy when I came to know that I will be a part of the squad competing in the FIFA U-17 World Cup in India. This was an opportunity I had never expected when I started playing football. It was a dream come true.

Q) How did it feel to be a part of the U17 World Cup?

Ans: A chance to represent one’s own country is a dream every footballer cherishes and I was immensely happy and proud to have been able to live my dream during the U-17 World Cup. At the same time I was also pushing hard to get some more minutes in my name. But that’s football, chances have to be earned, especially as a Goalkeeper wherein only one player can play at a time. Nevertheless, I work harder every day in training and in matches be able to play for my country in the future.

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