Lewis Hamilton : Races to his 90th F1 Win


Lewis Hamilton pegged the 90th F1 of his career, swirling past his teammate Valteri Bottas and Red Bull’s Alexander Albon whose career aced as he took his first-ever F1 podium place. Lewis Hamilton grabbed his 90th Formula One leaving him with only one conquest to break Michael Schumacher’s record.

Lewis Hamilton
File photo of Lewis Hamilton after a win

The race on Mugello track with super fast corners were filled with fracas. The first seven laps perceived six drivers go with the landing of two crashes. A red flag halted the match for the first time after the second one. The race renewed on Lap 46 of 59 as Lance Stroll crashed heavily. Voltari Bottas would have conquered the track if he pushed himself from the second.

Lewis Hamilton during a race

Lewis Hamilton went swifty and Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo almost made it to the second but couldn’t compete over the firm grasp of Hamilton. Bottas bolted to 1.1 seconds close to Hamilton. But the British driver was familiar with time too well and gathered his pace and managed to take bonus points as well.

Alexander Albon ruling the Red Bull was not that hind sighted on the track, and mustn’t be taken lightly. He finished third behind Bottas. He stood in the F1 podium for the first time giving him a shot to seat alongside with Max Verstappen in the coming year.

Lewis Hamilton’s progress gives us an insight that he will equal Schumacher’s record of wins at Russian GP and march forward to rival against Schumacher’s Seven World Titles.


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