Since his transfer to Liverpool FC, Mohamed Salah has been relentless when it comes to scoring goals. But that was not the case way back when 2017-2018 season ended.

Salah right away after his transfer from AS Roma to Liverpool FC made sure he was hungry for goals. Salah scoring goals was something that Chelsea fans wouldn’t have loved back then. He was with Chelsea before he was sold to AS Roma. The Egyptian God made sure his return to Premier League astonished everyone.

In his debut season for the Reds he netted 32 times in 36 matches he played. He eventually won the Premier League Golden Boot award. It was obviously a record breaking moment for a 38 matches PL season. But the rivals fans termed him as a “One Season Wonder”.

Mohamed Salah with Trent Alexander-Arnold celebrating

It didn’t go well for the rivals who tried to show Mohamed Salah the big down vote from their side. It was for obvious reasons who would love that when a class player scores relentlessly versus your favourite team. Salah carried his momentum on and in the very next season he was the joint-highest goal scorer and he helped Liverpool win their 6th Champions League title. Liverpool have the highest number of Champions League trophies amongst the Premier League clubs.

In the 2019-20 season Mohamed Salah helped Liverpool triumph their first ever Premier League. It was also their first League Title win after 30 years. It was evident by now Salah was not just a one season wonder. The fans surely didn’t see what the future had in store for them.

Salah scored 100 Premier League goals and also very near to make it for Liverpool in PL. Mohamed Salah has won every major trophy with the club yet still people criticise and doubt his ability. It requires a sane mind to process all the data how Salah has been scoring. All these he has been scoring yet being termed as a One Season Wonder Player. Rather the rivals fans should praise Salah for naturally adapting to the Premier League style which he couldn’t do while his stint was with Chelsea.

Mohamed Salah celebrates

This season Salah has been scoring in almost every game or is involved in goals that are scored. Even today versus Crystal Palace he showed his tremendous ability to score with precision. Mohamed Salah during his latest outing in Champions League match versus AC Milan missed a penalty. He made such a great reputation of converting it always from the spot. Salah is a god gifted natural winger who can be deadly with his pace and dribbling ability. It is high time people recognise him as a Great Player.

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