Manchester City most likely to lift Champions League trophy this season?


Machester City have enjoyed a great form and a wild change in their, fortunes in the last few weeks and have gone an incredible 19 games without dropping points, tending to raise a serious questions whether this is the season they finally put their hands on the prestigious UEFA champions league trophy.

Manchester City made a rare sloppy start to the season, when a streak of poor performances forced them into the bottom half of the table after the first few matchdays. They were struggling to score and we’re drawing a number of matches. But Manchester City fortune unexpectedly changed for the better on the 19th of December when they played Southampton at the Saint Mary’s and won 1-0.

Since that day its been more than 3 months and Pep’s man have won each and every game they played in all competitions across Europe resulting the 3rd highest longest winning streak still active in Europe’s top 5 leagues in the 21st century just below Real Madrid and Bayern Munich with 22 and 23 wins each.

Since the Southampton game Manchester City have displayed an incredible performance both defensively and Attackingly and have beaten the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Borussia Monchengladbach. Pep’s incredible switch in his tactics and plans helped Manchester City to dramatically turn things around mid season. This came handy with a few great individual performances and great interplay and linking between the players.

Ilkay Gundogan has also been a key figure for the sky blues scoring a number of goals and being very dynamic in the middle of the park. City’s attack has always been their powerpoint but what has let them down on numerous occasions is their defensive instability. This season their great defensive display has played a great role in the incredible winning streak. Players like Ruben Dias, João Concelo and Jhon Stones have been pivotal in directing the defense and have successfully proven to be the best Defense this season. Their defense’s attacking contribution has also been very important for them. Players like Kyle Walker and João Concelo have virtuously made their attacking contributions in the past few games launching great balls and helping the frontline.
Other players like Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and Ederson Moares have also been an important figure.

Even though Manchester City are playing done really great football and Pep’s tactics are working on point, UEFA Champions League is a competition with innumerable twists and turns and surprises with great teams like Bayern Munich, PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid clashing go get their hands on their prize. This is a big big reason why we cannot make even a wild prediction wether they would win the title but on thing is very much sure, that they are the favourites to lift the prestigious UEFA champions league trophy and give a tough competition to each and every rival they face on the road.


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