Lionel Messi : Some Interesting Facts about the Living Legend


The Argentine Soccer player, Lionel Messi, is one of the greatest soccer players of all time. The Forwarder and Captain of La Liga Club Barcelona doesn’t need an introduction as this man is known worldwide for his electrifying performances on the field. There are some interesting facts about this goal machine which probably you didn’t know before.
the signature of Messi on a napkin

Messi Signed Contract with Barcelona on a Napkin

Barcelona’s Technical Secretary of that time, Charly Rexach, was so afraid to lose the 13 years old Lionel Messi after he has seen Messi’s seven minutes of trial performance. He was so impressed that he wanted to sign him up fast.

At the moment, he only had a napkin to write on. Rexach’s urgency made him write the contract on the napkin itself ( ). Gaggioli still has it stored in a safe of the Credit Andorra bank.

A Girl Refused Messi

We all know that the only girl in Messi’s life is Antonela Roccuzzo. But there’s another girl in the story. Her name is Macarena Lemos, who is a model from Rosario. Well, we all know Leo’s love for Rosario girls. They were in a relationship when Macarena was 14 years old, and Messi was 18 years old.

The relationship was somewhere from 2005 to 2006. But the parents of Macarena initiated the break-up as her father thought that Leo was not good enough for her daughter as he was a from a low-income family.

Lionel Messi with his girlfriend Antonella

Messi doesn’t Know English

Leo Messi has spent the majority of his life living in Spanish countries. This legend can speak in only one language that is Spanish. Messi does not know English. He even uses translators for this reason.

Ronaldo once told that he acted as a Translator between Messi and Neymar because none understood English. Antonela, Messi’s wife, sometimes acts as a Translator for him.

Eveey smiling Messi for Barcelona

Messi has a Tattoo of Antonela’s Lips

The Barca superstar, Messi, posted a shirtless picture of him with his girlfriend, Antonela, where he is flaunting his new tattoo right above his groin. This is a lip-shaped red tattoo. It has a significant meaning as it is a tribute to his love of life, Antonela Roccuzzo. Messi and Antonela live a life full of love with their three children.

However, this extraordinary personality will always remain an epitome of interest to discover.


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