It’s Fearless Pana time, Feat. Panagiotis Triadis


Dynamic with the ball and boasting a neat first-touch, he is also known for his prowess in the middle of the park and scoring long range screamers is his cup of tea. Our Next guest on ‘Stars Talk’ is German-Greek linchpin Panagiotis Triadis.

The Greek winger is a fearless and skilful dribbler. “In my head, even if Sergio Ramos was in front of me, I am going to go on and dribble him,” said the pacy forward.
And here’s how Panagiotis Triadis dribbled through our questions.

Q. What is it that drives you to get up ,stay fit and train ?
Pana : I Started training hard and being fit from a very young age. My dad played a huge role and always pushed me to the limit.

Q. According to you which was the most competitive match of your career? What were the challenging factors?
Pana : Europa League Game vs Standard Liege. I had a great assist to de Guzman a good friend of mine. It’s every footballers dream to play in of course the Champions League or Europa League.

Panagiotis Triadis

Q. We know you’ve played for Greece national under 19 team ,could you tell us how that was instrumental to your career?
(Continuing) How did you happen to pursue football as your career?
Pana : I love football. It plays a huge roll in my life so I’m just very lucky and blessed to turn my hobby into my job. And of course playing for the U-National teams both for Germany and Greece, is a privilege.


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