Die Mannschaft: With Timo Werner still trying to recall his Leipzig days, will Germany be a contender in the UEFA Euro 2020?


The Die Mannschaft released their 26-man squad for the Euro 2020 day before yesterday but with their premier striker Timo Werner.

After a streak of not-up-to-the-mark performances in the UEFA Nations League and FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers, are they still one of the top contenders for Euro 2020? If yes, then how? Let’s find out.

The stage was all set for the UEFA Euro 2020 last year but due to the pandemic outbreak in early January, it was postponed by an year and is now ready for kick-off on June 11, this year. But, things doesn’t seem to be going good in the Die Mannschaft dressing room. In the 26-man squad that has been announced by DFB, Chelsea forward, Timo Werner is the only “Complete Striker” announced by the Association.

Timo Werner celebrating Germany's goal

Unfortunately their “Complete Striker” has got only 11 goals and 8 assists for his name which doesn’t seem to be appreciable for DFB-Elf’s “Complete Striker.” We all know that in the end football is all about goals. But what will happen if Germany’s lead striker fail to score? Will their fate of FIFA World Cup 2018 repeat itself in the UEFA Euro 2020? Well, there is a solution to this.

Joachim Löw, the decade-old Association Football Manager of Die Mannschaft usually prefers a 4-2-3-1 formation since, it’s considered as one of the most tactically versatile formation of football. But, to make sure that his team succeeds in finding the ball at the back of the net, it would be wise to avoid Timo Werner in the starting XI for now (which he won’t do without a doubt but still). Now, letting Timo Werner out of the starting XI will mean that no complete striker in the lineup.

Then, the only thing which Jogi can do is to change the formation. The most preferred and effective formation for this will be 4-3-3(false 9). It will be technically 4-3-1-2 but here, the one or the false 9 will actually be a Centre Forward instead of an Engache with the other two being wingers instead of strikers. The only player who can be deployed in the role of a false 9 will be undoubtedly none other than Thomas Müller. The German star had got his long-awaited call to the national team since Germany’s shocking exit from the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the group stage after losing 2-0 to South Korea.

With Müller, the duo of Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané as left winger and right winger respectively will fit perfectly into the system. Both of them can go wide in the flanks creating free space for Müller to make a run or, they can even close in more and take advantage of their speed to run past the defenders while Müller can provide them with the perfect though passes to slot in and make it count.

Both of them can even switch their flanks in quick succession when needed. Summing up all together, this attacking system has got a higher probability of proving to be effective for the European giants and can help them to regain their faded glory in the European Championship.

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