North American countries have always been a prodigy in preparing soccer talents in women’s football.

Starting from Michelle Akers to Mia Hamm to Abby Wambach to Megan Rapinoe of the United States of America and going further, we have Christine Sinclair of Canada who is widely regarded as one the best Canadian women soccer star ever and has also got a perfect successor to her in the form of 19 year-old Canadian soccer beauty, Jordyn Huitema. Infact, Jordyn herself idolises Christine as her role model.

Continuing the trend, USA has once again turned up in this regard. A 12 year-old future women’s soccer superstar is already in the making in Houston, TX. Born in 2009, the 12 year-old cute baller from Houston plays as a forward for Rise SC’s U-12 team and is already a famous name at the Upper90 Futsal Academy which is a Futsal training academy for the youth of USA and is sanctioned by U.S. Youth Futsal. Her list of success doesn’t end here as she is also a Youth Leader at Techne Futbol. Last but not the least, she holds a juggling record of 1,147 times. This multi-achiever at such young age is none other than Bella Youssef.

Specifically, a conventional winger on the left flank, Bella Youssef has been both sensational on the soccer pitch as well as on the Futsal turf. Her dazzling skills, workaholic nature, gifted talent, a will to win and her cute smile comprises of a perfect woman soccer player whom, any coach would love to have in their team.

Well, it’s a long way to go in a journey of crest ‘n’ trough for our little winger but, from all her achievements within this mere age of 12 years, one thing is clear that this promising youngster will become an asset in International women’s football in the course of time and that day is not that far as it seems to be.

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