iFerg and Dr. Disrespect, two of the most biggest eSports personalities, went head to head for the most kills in a two-legged Kill Race in the game, Call of Duty Mobile

Commentators : Clint “Maven” Evans (@MAVEN) and “BobbyPlays” (@REALBOBBYPLAYS)

The Kill Race was held on Monday, May 24 at 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET/ 11:30 p.m. IST organized by Activision.

Instructions :
LEG 1 : Touch Controls (45 Mins)
LEG 2 : Mouse and Keyboard (45 Mins)
The one with most kills after both the legs is the champion.

“This might be the first mobile game I ever played.”, exclaimed Dr. Disrespect. As for his first impression, Doc really seemed to enjoy the game playing multiplayer and Battle Royale. However, his entertaining skills also came into play to make the stream more fun. Ferg’s gameplay was quite fast-paced as compared to Doc, killing off enemies as quick as he can at one spot and moving on to another in the next minute.

Both Ferg and Doc showed different sides while playing the game. Ferg was more attentive towards his game performance and increasing his count whereas Doctor Disrespect maintained a calm composure with his game, entertaining his chat and viewers. Both their lobbies were distinctive in nature, Ferg’s being tougher than Doc with respect to their leagues.

Ferg was more on the side of gathering information as seen by his gameplay. Doc didn’t care about much of these things as he was new to the game and did not know much of its mechanics but he pulled it off very well. He seemed to struggle a lot with those sensitivity and recoil issues but credit should be paid where credit is due.

Doc did an impressive job, racking up his kill count as well.On the other hand, Ferg remained very confident in his gameplay.

The first leg started off pretty fast from Ferg’s side with him dominating the race from the beginning itself. On the other hand, Doc was struggling to adapt to that iPad environment. As for addition to the kill count, Ferg was adding kills as quickly as he could by gathering information as fast as lightning.

Ferg knew that he would have to struggle with the mechanics on the emulator in the second leg and fans seemed to appreciate his presence of mind. The first leg ended with Ferg at 37 kills and Doc at 23 kills. It seemed a pretty big difference for Doc to cover in the second leg considering how Ferg had dominated the 1st leg from the start.

As it was obvious from the first leg, Ferg was way ahead of Doc in terms of kill count but still when it came down to emulator, fans expected Doc to go wild with it and beat Ferg pretty easily. However, Ferg didn’t let his guard down and showed the viewers who the real COD Boss is, showing off his brilliant game sense.

Ferg was still quite pacy in terms of his gameplay and got 47 more kills added to his count. Whereas, Doc actually performed better than what he did on iPad and got more 24 kills added to his count. Doc got extra 5 minutes in the end to boost up his efforts but unfortunately he only managed to add 2 more kills only to his count which got his total upto 49.

FERG37 47
Call of Duty Mobile final scoreline
Final Scoreline

Overall, being a first-timer in the mobile department, Doc showed a very good performance as he was competitive and entertaining both at the same time. He performed better than what was expected but Ferg’s domination from the first leg just didn’t let him grab the win.

Ferg also demonstrated his fabulous presence of mind as he knew that he would have to struggle with the emulator so he added kills to his count in the first leg as fast as he could. Even in the second leg too, Ferg didn’t let his guard down.

Fans thought that it was over when the second leg came and Ferg was a bit nervous. Although he seemed to struggle with the emulator he pulled the second leg off very good considering how good he was in the game and the amount of game sense he had for the game. Doc seemed to enjoy the game till the end but he struggled to adapt to it. In the end, fans enjoyed the race between the personalities as Ferg grabbed the win.

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