S8UL Gaming House 2.0 revealed worth whopping $1M


What is S8UL Gaming House 2.0?


S8UL is a renowned esports organization in India led by Naman Mathur (Soul Mortal), and Animesh Agarwal ( 8Bit Thug ), and Lokesh Jain ( 8Bit Goldy). It consists of a collaboration between Team Soul and 8bit, two big gaming organisations.

S8UL has been recognised as a gaming giant in India with regular announcements of new roster in every famous mobile game. S8UL is also competing with the Clans, Clash Royale and Free Fire titles. Somewhile ago the organisation recently disbanded its COD Mobile lineup for undisclosed reasons.

 “S8UL IS PROUD TO SHOWCASE ONE OF THE MOST LUXURIOUS gaming facilities in India. Valuating at 1 Million Dollar and built at 15000 sq. feet, it will be also the largest gaming facility in India. @MortaL​ @8bit Thug​ and @8bit Goldy​ show you around this exclusive facility with a whopping 4 floors with all the state of the art facility, which includes Streaming Cabins, Living Rooms, Recreational Areas, a Modern Kitchen and Content Creation Space for all our Athletes and Content Creators. We at S8UL, thank you all for making this possible and we ensure this is just the beginning. Also, together, let’s take the future of gaming in India to Greater Heights.” Posted by s8ul esports organisation on social media handles.

S8UL legacy:

1>Soul was the first team to win PUBG Mobile India Series 2019.


2> Soul was the first team to win PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India

3> Soul won the runners up title PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia

4> Soul is the one only Indian organisation to qualify for pmco globals back to back two times.

5> 8bit is the first Indian organisation to have a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER in global stage.[PMSC 2018]

S8UL Gaming House 2.0 which is worth $1M

Lets unbox the S8ul gaming house 2.0::::

On YouTube, an official tour video shows a lavish game room of up to 15,000 sq.ft for the developers of content and S8UL rosters. This S8UL Gaming House 2.0 was an anticipated disclosure to the fans and was definitely in keeping with the buzz that the members generated. There are four floors in the 15000 sq feet Bootcamp.

Ground floor:

8Bit Thug began this tour with a short introduction to the facilities before entering the house and a first look at the waiting lobby for the fans who want to meet their favourite content creators. This time they have arranged some very tight security system and 24 hour cctv surveillance.

1st floor:

 There is very big common room in the 1st floor.As usual there are so many graffities on the walls and in addition there is a big S8UL curtain hanging from the roof featuring all the content creators of s8ul.there is a big air hockey table in 1st floor and a kitchen and a dining table for lunch and dinner together. This time they have a professional chef.there are two bed rooms . they are names as DE_DUST and CROSSFIRE .  Each and every player have their own cupboard and workspace.

2nd floor:

The 2nd floor has been named as Sleeping Den. The sleeping den contains 4 rooms and a pool table and a small temple. The rooms are named as Haven, Pochinki, Georgopool,Outpost. Haven is a common workspace for the owners mortal, thug and goldy Bhai. Outpost is basically for photoshoot purpose.and the other two rooms are used as living room. In the 21 min long video, when mortal asks rebel about their new gaming house.a cafeteria is there for the refreshements . Rebel told him that it takes almost two days to remember everything.

3rd floor:

The 3rd floor has been named as S8ULXGIGABYTE CONTENT FLOOR.This floor has dedicated cabin space with a dedicated set-up for each and every content creator to stream and construct the rest of the contents. This creative spaces enable each creator to add a specific feature to the room. The trip finished with an open-plan bed. This room is saved for the Valorant roster newly recruited.  A cafeteria is there for the refreshments.

At the end 8BIT GOLDY also promises to all the S8ul fans that this not the end next year they are gonna do some bigger than this.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek of S8ul esports

OWNERSSoul Mortal, 8bit Thug, 8bit Goldy
NEW BOOTCAMP ADDRESSSector 17 Rd, Sector 17, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400709
CLASH OF CLANS LINE UPAkki,Ashish,Archit,Addy,Taxi,Virus
VALORANT LINEUPBinks,Strix,Kuzuri,Edit,Notfox,Ezzzyy
CONTENT CREATORSMortal,viper,Regaltos,Aman,Sherlock,Goldy.Rav3n ,Akshu,Rebel,Mafia,Mamba,Pothead,Ankita,Scout


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