Neymar Jr: “Racism shall not pass away until voices are raised against it”


The Le Classique has always been the most high-voltage football match of France as French Giants, Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseilles come face-to-face as each other’s arch-rivals, since decades. In the sunday night thriller, the Le Classique ended in an empathic 1-0 victory for Marseilles.

But, the melodrama that took place in the dying moments of the match has stunned football fans all across the world. On the completion of the 90th minute, the linesman signaled 6 minutes of added time.

Neymar Jr
courtesy -Getty Images (Alvaro on the left can be seen talking to Neymar Jr on the right)

At 90+5, a sort of short sarcastic discussion was noticed between Brazilian star, Neymar Jr and Alvaro of Marseille. As it was caught on the camera, Neymar Jr was seen patting Alvaro’s head after their discussion. All of a sudden, a foul was committed on Leandro Parades by Dario Benedetto and in the freak of a moment, he reacted to the foul committed on him.

Then, a heated-moment took place between Kurzawa and Amavi which lead to a bad fight between the players of the both the teams. For the sake of taking immediate action, the referee immediately sent off Layvin Kurzawa, Amavi, Dario Bendetto and Leandro Paredes. But then, the referee had a short communciation with the match officials and signaled that a VAR check will be done.

Heated conversation between Neymar Jr and Alvaro

In the VAR, shockingly Neymar’s patting on Alvaro’s head after they had a word, was taken as an offence and he was sent off with a straight red card. He made a sarcastic applause on the referee’s decision and while leaving the pitch, he said the linesman that Alvaro had a made a racist comment and that’s why, he did that disgraceful act but, the linesman clearly said that no one had heard anything.

After the final whistle of the match was blown, football fans and netizens flooded the social media with remarks on Alvaro’s racist comment and have come forward to support their Brazillian star.

Many proffesional football players also came forward posting and commenting social media content over it commenting, “Racistas não passarão ! Você é foda !!!!”, which means that Racism will not stop until voices are raised against it.

Neymar Jr disappointed during PSG’s match

Neymar Jr had also made the same statement and it seems like that the short discussion between Neymar and Alvaro was actually Alvaro insulting Neymar in a hostile fashion which Neymar tried to handle in a sarcastic way but, couldn’t hold on to his anger and did an act that was considered discgraceful as per FIFA’s rule book but nobody cared to look after the actual reason for Neymar doing this.

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