“It is not about individual, but about the team” – Khalid Jamil


Northeast United FC return to action against Hyderabad in the second match of the Super Sunday as they face the Nizams who are placed just one place above them on the points table.

Credit : Northeast United FC Twitter

Ahead of tie against Hyderabad FC, Interim head coach Khalid Jamil and assistant coach Alison Kharsyntiew interacted with the media and here’s what they had to say.

FC Goa, Hyderabad and Northeast United are placed on 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Separating these sides is the goal difference and unfortunately that is one those things which doesn’t fall in Northeast’s United’s as they have the lowest goal difference as compared to their 3rd and 4th placed rivals. Coach Khalid gave us his opinion on his team’s goal difference, “We are just thinking of playing this match how we have played the last few matches. So, we are not thinking about the goal difference. We are just thinking to play positive and get positive result,” he said.

Hyderabad FC are the Highlanders’ direct rivals for a play off spot and on being asked if they will take this game more seriously, the interim head coach said, “All the matches are important matches, not just one match. But, tomorrow’s match is also important, it’s a vital match. Same preparations will be there and that’s it.”

After the game against Hyderabad, Northeast United FC will mostly play the teams who sit in the bottom half of the table. Coach Khalid was asked if it’s like an advantage for them over their top 4 rivals, he said, “As I said before, a match is match. It is important that to give respect to every match. All the teams are good. So, we are not taking any team lightly,”

In the beginning of the season, Hyderabad FC’s foreigners were out of action due to injuries. But now they have a fully fit squad with their overseas players’ chemistry playing a a big role in their campaign so far. Coach Alison told about what’s going to be his side’s approach towards the game against Hyderabad, “Plan is simple. We’ll approach the game well. We have to do very well in defence and if we have the ball, we need to create chances. We have to give a good effort tomorrow.”

Credit : Northeast United FC Twitter

Northeast United created alot of chances against FC Goa but were not able to capitalise on those chances. Asked about how his side are planning to address this issue, Coach Alison said, “We have to be confident once we reach the attacking third and we need to be more clinical. That’s it and I am sure tomorrow the boys will put up a good fight and they will do well,”

Northeast United have not kept a clean sheet in their last 8 matches and on being asked about how important it is to keep a clean sheet, Coach Khalid said, “Yes, it is a part only but the main thing is we must get a positive result and that is three points and then we will try our best to be in top form,”

Ever since parting ways with Gerard Nus, the Highlanders have changed their attitude towards the season under Khalid Jamil. Coach Khalid stated, “It is not about individual, but about the team. Everybody is working hard. They are doing their job. They are working, they are enjoying. Even the staff, everybody, we are working together as a team. This is the main secret.”

Coach Khalid also expressed his views on Hyderabad and said, “Hyderabad is a good team. They prepare very well, they know we played with them last match. So, our preperation should always be the same but talking about tomorrow’s match, it is one of the crucial match and a vital match,” and he signed off.


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