Paris Saint Germain into the Champions League Final for the first time


Paris Saint Germain on tuesday locked horns against RB Leipzig the newcomer in Champions League Football.

Paris Saint Germain’s owners will be delighted by the result because after years of spending millions for the squad build up finally it has provided returns which never happened in their footballing history ever.

The newcomer RB Leipzig who for the first time qualified for the UEFA Champions League semi-final was against a top squad which featured the likes of Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappe to name a few. From the starting itself they had a huge task to accomplish in their young football history of just 11 years since foundation of the club.

Paris Saint Germain

It was a dream sequence for the club where qualifying for the semis by beating a team like Atlético Madrid is not that simple right? They did that efficiently and now they had to face something which was nerve shaking for them. The bad boys from France who known as Paris Saint Germain.

PSG from the start of the match gave Leipzig a great run as they struck from a beautiful cross by Neymar Jr from the free kick perfectly finding Marquinhos, who didn’t make a mistake at all thus when the clock struck 13th minute they took the lead and probably the match from the grasp of RB Leipzig.

Gulácsi who has been a stellar performer for Leipzig made an error during the 42nd minute passing the ball directly into their opponent’s feet and as a result it was 2-0 on the scoreboard and Di María who is well experienced about Champions League and knows the taste of winning this title when he was at Real Madrid made no mistake at all.

After the first half break initially Leipzig were pressing hard and were trying to break the PSG defensive wall but was not able to penetrate and in the 56th minute Juan Bernat struck when a Leipzig player went down thinking it was a foul on him but it was sent to VAR for recheck and it came out as no foul and thus just around the hour mark PSG were 3-0 up against RB Leipzig.

As the final whistle blew and the scoreboard read the scoreline as 3-0 much to PSG’s support they were delighted by the result as they have experienced failure over the years in the Champions League and this year it can be theirs to win for but wait for a little bit as Bayern who have been in terrific form just crushed Barcelona as they would obviously 8-2 say the scoreline again but that’s what happened.

All eyes on the big semi-final between Bayern Munich and Olympique Lyonnais and the winner will obviously meet Paris Saint Germain in the final of Champions League this season.

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