Premier League : City gave Guard of Honour which came with added toppings for Liverpool


The premier league champions Liverpool faced Manchester City this week who lost the title this season.

Manchester City on a thursday evening had something else to offer for Liverpool. Guard of Honour was just the start for them. Liverpool Captain marched onto the ground with his champion team mates. The surprise came for Liverpool when the game progressed just about the 20 minute mark.

Raheem Sterling after scoring the second goal versus Liverpool

The rivalry between Joe Gomez and Raheem Sterling is imminent but that led to an error for Gomez as he held onto Sterling inside the penalty box and thus conceding the penalty . De Bruyne gasped the opportunity to score his first ever goal versus Liverpool. Minutes later a troubled Liverpool defence could not hold onto a thrusting City attack. As a result they got overwhelmed and conceded again.

Phil Foden of City on way to his attack versus Liverpool

Foden a city youngster who is going through a purple patch latched onto his opportunity en route towards goal and made sure his side took a 3-0 lead. This was not the end of surprise for the visitors and a fourth was coming anytime but it was inevitable. Sterling was involved again this time but it would go on the score sheet as an Oxlade-Chamerlain own goal. Well the fourth goal would or wouldn’t have happened if it was left alone but a touch from Oxlade-Chamberlain made sure it was in.

Youngsters Foden and Williams during the match

It would have been 5-0 as Mahrez scored another just seconds before the match would end but VAR saw a hand ball which led to the goal. Though Liverpool are the champions of Premier League . Yet they were reminded by City that the rivalry is getting bigger day by day. Jurgen Klopp must be furious after such a performance by his champion side.


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