Bella Youssef: Are we going to see the wonderkid donning the USWNT Youth colours soon?


USA’s RISE SC, the Houston-based youth soccer association has announced a glad tidings. From now on, alongside their U18/19 team, their U13 team will also be funded for the elite programme.

As per reports from RISE SC itself, RISE’s Elite players have a direct pathway to USA Youth national scouts and also, they have the privilege to attend the trials of their partner club and Eredivisie giants, Feyenoord Rotterdam.

This means, we might be getting to see someone in the USWNT Youth or in the Feyenoord Rotterdam Youth Women colours soon. Yes, you got it right. I’m talking of none other than, Bella Youssef.

A gifted player by birth, a record holder of juggling the ball for a massive 1,147 times, the heart of RISE SC U-12 team and a soccer star with the heart of a lioness. Bella Youssef has all the attributes of becoming an asset of women’s soccer. No matter whether she is playing against the boys or the girls, she is gonna let them remain bamboozled with her dazzling skills effortlessly.

With each passing day, she is just getting better ‘n’ better and now it seems that the day is not far when we are gonna see her donning the USWNT Youth team’s colours. Though she has already expressed her love for Braziilian football and a desire to play in Brazil in future, still Netherlands has always been the favorite destination for American footballers. So, there is a chance that we might get to see her in the crest of Feyenoord Rotterdam’s Youth women’s team.

Bella Youssef’s hard-work and determination has always been the key to her success and the reason of her becoming a better version herself everyday. Infact, it might happen one day when every girl across the globe will admire her to become a professional soccer player and when they will be asked by their parents that why they want to be a professional soccer player in life, they will turn to their parents and say,“I want to be the next Bella Youssef!”

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Dipro Mukherjee
18. Calcutta. Sagittarius. Sports Columnist.


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