Benjamin Lambot : “I am excited to discover India and Indian Super League”


Belgium is known for it’s Footballing culture and their FIFA ranking that stands at number 1 explains what their players bring to the table.

The next release of ‘Stars Talk’ features Northeast United FC’s latest recruit Benjamin Lambot who is here to add some Belgian flavour to the Highlanders Squad and in an exclusive chat with SportsKindle Media the 33 year old revealed his objectives for the upcoming season and here’s what he had to say.

Q. What’s your take on this new journey in India and why did you choose NEUFC?
Benjamin : I got some interest from India, but Northeast United FC trust in me. That’s good to receive already confidence.

Q. Belgium is currently ranked one in the world. Can you tell us what extra does Belgium do as compared to other countries?
Benjamin : Belgium do a lot for young players, also the clubs are more and more professional from the bottom itself.

Benjamin Lambot

Q. Since you’ve played as a defender, what do you think are the necessary skills one needs to have to be an exceptional defender?
Benjamin : I think the way to read the game. A good coaching, duels, and pass technical to start the attack.


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