Dragoș Firțulescu : The Chennaiyin fans favourite star


Speed is the Key in Football’ as they say and next up we have someone who’s fast, quick but somehow the 2 time Champions of the Indian Super League managed to get his signature.

We are talking about Chennaiyin FC’s No. 10 Dragoș Firțulescu. It was our pleasure to have you on board with us Sir. And here’s what he had to say about his career to our Interviewer Yash Pratap Singh and Suvrodeep Chakraborty.

Q. You’ve faced a lot of struggles in your life, so how did you overcome them and who has been your inspiration ?
Dragos : Yes, a lot ! True ! But in the end I believe that I was born a warrior not a person who cries for mercy ! My number 1 inspiration was karma and believing in God !!

Q. You’ve played in alot of clubs in different cities, so after joining Chennaiyin FC how did you feel?
Dragos : I was very happy because I was made a part of that family ! Hope for them to have a great season ! I felt very good in Chennaiyin because of the people , staff were so close like family members ! On this way I want to say thank you to our owner Vita Dani and Abishek because they never push us and always help us to be calm and to be relaxed ! People from staff I mean Arhiant , Shantanu , Doctor , Rajiv , Raju all of them were amazing and helped me !!!

Q. Which is your favorite position, Attacking midfielder or Left winger?
Dragos : My favourite position is right winger but in the end I just want to play , to enjoy , to get my chances !


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