Lionel Messi surpasses Pele: His top 10 goals for Barca


Lionel Messi scored his 644th goal for Barcelona to break Pele’s record for most goals for a single club. Here are the top 10 ranked out of all his goals in Blaugrana colours.

10. vs Arsenal (UCL) – 08/03/2011
Arsenal may not be the best of teams now but back in the day they were one of the best teams in England. Andres Iniesta delightfully played a chipped through ball to Messi and the number 10 chipped the ball over the on rushing keeper and volleyed it into the empty net.

9. vs Getafe (Copa Del Rey)- 16/01/2014

Lionel Messi loves scoring quality goals against Getafe and this one was no different. Messi skips past a challenge before nutmegging one defender which takes 3 more out of the game, then rounds of the goalkeeper and squeezes the ball into the net from a tight angle.

8.vs Athletic Bilbao (La Liga)- 27/04/2013
“Absolute astonishing jaw-dropping genius from Lionel.” Ray hudson says it all. Messi bamboozles one defender and then with another 3 exquisite touches takes 2 more out of the game and then places the ball into the bottom left corner past the reach of the goalkeeper.

7. vs Bayern Munich (UCL)- 06/05/2015
“Here he’s again, here he’s again, it’s astonishing, it’s absolutely world class!”
One of Leo’s most famous goals- Messi recieves the ball on the edge of the box from Rakitic, leaves Jerome Boateng on the floor and delightfully chips the ball over Manuel Neuer.

6. vs Liverpool (UCL)- 01/05/2019
Arguably the best free kick Messi has scored and one of the best free kicks of all time in the UCL. No one expected Messi to score from there. But where our imagination ends, Messi’s starts. He curls the ball over the wall from 35 yards out and beats Alisson- one of the worlds very best.

5. vs Zaragoza (La Liga)- 21/03/2010
Young Messi at his best. Recieves the ball at the center of the pitch. Holds of one defender, accelerates, cuts inside to skip a challenge, goes outside to avoid another challenge and then drills the ball into the far post. Stunning.

4. vs Real Betis (La Liga)- 17/03/2019
Messi has always been famous for his lobs but this one exceeds everything. From a very difficult angle and quite a long distance Messi chips the ball over Pau Lopez to get a standing ovation from the Real Betis home crowd. Self- Explanatory.

3. vs Real Madrid (UCL)- 27/04/2011

A classic in the Clasico! Busquets rolls the ball to Messi who dribbles past 4 Madrid players and places the ball with his weaker foot past Iker Casillas to seal Barca’s victory.

2. vs Atheltic Bilbao (Copa Del Rey)- 30/05/2015
A goal which has been proven scientifically impossible. Messi goes from speed 0 to 19.5 mph in 2.73 seconds. That acceleration is same as that of a rugby player. He has 3 defenders around him within a distance of 6ft. He beats the 3 defenders in 3 touches within a timespan of 1.2 seconds. He then cuts inside to open up more than 5ft space and drills a 48 mph shot at the near post. If the point of contact of Messi’s boot with the ball was shifted on either side by 0.75 degrees the shot would not have gone in. Well that’s the genius of Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi after scoring for Barcelona

1. vs Getafe (Copa Del Rey)- 18/04/2007
The goal with which Messi burst onto the scene. The goal which has been claimed to be the goal of the century. The goal almost similar to Diego Maradona’s historic solo goal against England in the 1986 World Cup. A 19 year old Messi dribbles past the entire Getafe team and slots the ball into an open net from a tight angle with his right foot. This left his teammates speechless. And also the whole world.


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