Wednesday, September 13, 2023

3 Reasons Why Real Madrid Needs To Offload Ramos

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Real Madrid is in a financial crisis at the moment and is struggling to meet the contract demands of Club Captain and Club legend, Sergio Ramos.

President Perez wants Ramos to stay keeping in the interests of the club intact. He has rejected the initial wage demands of Ramos and here’s why it is best for the club to offload him this season.

Ramos Posing Greater than the Club

Ramos believes that he is greater than the club. He is aware of his great influence in the squad and is now playing the power cards to pressurize the board to accept his personal terms and conditions.

Offloading Ramos can make him push the idea of Real Madrid disrespecting their club legends. It is speculated that Ramos can go for a PR war against the club.

But, with the club suffering huge losses due to empty stadiums and no income from football tourism, there might be less sympathy for him. A Marca poll was conducted where it revealed that 76% of people think Ramos ‘should understand the situation.’

Ramos is no doubt a Los Blancos legend, but so were Fernando Hierro, Raul, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo. The tag of legend didn’t stop Perez to sell them when it needed the most and this time, it should not be different either.

Ramos not agreeing with Wage Structure

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos with Club president Perez

Ramos and Florentino Perez have a long history when it comes to falling out before making up over a new contract. Ramos flirted with Man United during 2015 to get a contract renewal but things are not the same now.

Perez has the best interests for the club and has been feeling the financial strain of the COVID-19. It is totally illogical to increase the wage of a certain player by pushing the club to crisis.

While every player has taken a pay-cut to help the club when it is in a dire state, Ramos has asked to make him an exceptional case. In a club of this big stature, Perez has the right to stick to the rules and reject the demands even if he is a legend.

Making Way for the Future Generation

Ramos was brilliant in the last season and led the club to win the LA Liga. His influence in the team is second to none but there will be life after Ramos. He will hang up his boots after 3 or 4 years max but the club will stay as it is.

Ramos leaving Madrid will give Eder Militao an opportunity to partner with Raphael Varane in the defense. Militao’s progress has been restricted since he joined the club as he is down the pecking order to Ramos and Varane. He has shown great potential in the UCL game vs Man City and can be the one for the future.

Real Madrid can also fill the vacancy of Sergio Ramos’ experience by signing David Alaba who is just 28 years of age. He is a free agent and can be a proper replacement of Ramos in the defense. Dayot Upemecano is another player who can be bought for the future as well if Ramos leaves. These signings will not happen if he stays and even if it materializes, this can hinder the growth of all the new players in the defensive department.

What the future lies?

Only time will tell if Real Madrid will sell Ramos or offer him a new deal. The fact that they have proposed an offer already shows their interest to keep him but if he tries to show power over the club president, Perez shouldn’t wait a second to sell him and pave a way for the future of the club.

It is a start of a new episode and there is a long way to go before the curtains will fall for this new saga.

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