Royal Challengers Bangalore couldn’t win the IPL, here is the reason


The 13th edition of Indian Premier League will be played outside India. Before take off to UAE the teams are busy with their ongoing camps. This year Royal Challengers Bangalore have some mature players in their side. But somehow being the best side in IPL they couldn’t win any season. 

Did you think why they failed every time despite having some of the best players?

In this article we have figured out some reasons.

First reason
The opening duo were still unsettled by the team management. If the opening pair failed in that particular match there was no reserve plan, as a result the duo could not gear up the scoreline they wanted from the start.

Second reason
Too much pressure in the middle order. If the opening pair shuffled a lot and failed as a result then the whole batting responsibility will fall on the middle order batsmen.

Third reason
Virat Kohli’s Captaincy. Lot of times we have seen that Virat Kohli couldn’t present his leadership as a captain. His decision making in IPL was very questionable and full of risks at the same time. His management with fast bowlers are not so admirable. In most of the games he finished his prime bowlers quota early in the match.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Fourth reason
No back up plans. In order to adjust the dependency on key player they failed every time. Despite having such good batsman they always depend on Virat Kohli or AB de Villiers. Lack of understanding in batting order and no dominant approach among the young batsman to sustain the scoreline.

Fifth reason
Right planning in the death overs. Recently Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal said about one problem that Royal Challengers Bangalore always suffered. Speaking to Akash Chopra he said,  “I have played for RCB for 6 years, the problem has always been, other than the one year when we had Starc, our death over bowling. Because we keep a tight leash till the 16th or 17th over, but I feel we have lost at least 30% of the matches due to the last 3 overs.

He further added, “If you restrict a team to 130-odd after 16 overs, you feel that you can keep them to 160 or at the most 170, but at times due to those 3 overs the score goes to 190 or 200. So that changes everything suddenly.”

Last time Royal Challengers Bangalore reached the final in 2016 and faced Sunrisers Hyderabad. However this year they will be back with some full fledged cricketers in their side.

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